bravery boys

by crochetcatpause

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finger amputated, heart broken, shoulder separated, collar bone shattered, ankle fractured


released May 15, 2015

all songs by crochetcatpause:

chris miller
vincent trotto
chris ruckus
travis jarosz
brian tucker

additional vocals on tracks 3, 5 & 6: adrienne berry
additional vocals on track 8: giovanna vanmeter
additional vocals on track 2: musclebaby

recorded 100% DIY at the jarosz family home in whitmore lake, mi
(many many many apologies to the jarosz family)
additional recording at the ruckus records studio in pittsburgh, pa
no one got paid to make this record. DIY PUNX FUCK YOU.

all songs recorded by chris ruckus
all songs mixed by chris ruckus
mastering by chris ruckus & bob chamberlain

album art & design: vincent trotto
bone photography: amber munoz
all bones used are from chris miller's personal collection
all bones were obtained from dead animals he found in the woods
no critters were hurt to make this bullshit

2015 ruckus records 001
LCM art collective

this album is dedicated to the memory of our friend kuma

thank y'all: musclebaby, far house, the sanctuary, eric stephenson, maxxwell lange, kirstie mccarty, tony miller, cherish "bird bath" baser, anna potter, molly mcbutter, the fee, jay watson, mustache required, watabou, super thing, matthew morden, sean ruona, shauna campbell, cbj, downtown brown, kyle knight, amber munoz, corey humphrey, david lewis, adrienne berry, giovanna vanmeter, ultra mega awesome extreme, codename: dracula, north end studios, chance, and the guy who scrobbled "i am my own man" 600 times on

fuck y'all: bill and his assistant manager steven that work at the service plaza on the ohio turnpike, last exit before pennsylvania



all rights reserved


crochetcatpause Detroit, Michigan

Crochetcatpause is an abrasive synth punk band from Detroit. They are not afraid to talk to handsome dogs that they happen upon in the streets.

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Track Name: Rites and Procession / Divulgence of Puglord
can't afford new shoes
all i bring is bad news
never be in magazines
cattitude in my seams
don't you dare compare me
to what you see on tv
cause everything is shitty
everything is shitty

lioncoolman translation:
death to all our opposition
hanging christ by a cord
in the name of puglord
sick of djs making cash
let their bodies rot in trash

everything you do is trash fuck you
everything you do is trash fuck you

strangest men there ever was
never bound to any laws

lioncoolman translation:
death to all our opposition
hanging christ by a cord
in the name of puglord
don't you dare compare me
to what you see on tv
cause everything is shitty
everything is shitty

strangest men there ever was
never known for applause
no hope no cause
no fear fuck laws
Track Name: The American Dream
this man has a lot of needs
and he'll never let us leave
uncle johnny we have to go
please don't leave yet
uncle johnny we have to go
please don't leave yet

all alone in father's cabin
only fritz as his companion
plus they both have been abandoned
by family without compassion
uncle johnny's all alone
fritz is dead and turned to bone
uncle johnny's all alone
fritz is dead and turned to bone

uncle johnny's not living the american dream
he's living in a fucking nightmare
uncle johnny's been crippled by low self esteem
forsaken to shit world nowhere
uncle johnny
living in a nightmare living on a prayer

i found god

kickin' and screamin'
teamin' with demons
spreading my semen
and i'm not married at all

i could tell from the lobster shorts
hell is where his soul reports
i knew from the tuna cans
this was a broken man
there's a part of him inside me
will i become uncle johnny
Track Name: Bravery Boys
the most fucked up shit
we've ever done
is the most fucking fun
we've ever had
drinking piss out of cans
pissing in each other's hands
nude, finding food in dumpsters

these are our tales
this is our legacy
fuck police
fuck democracy
fuck real life
fuck normalcy
all i wanna do is bro with my daddios

as you can tell we are going to hell
cause we pissed in your pretty potted plants
we're not afraid and there is no god to save you
so please kindly go and fuck yourself

praise be to puglord
coasting on a longboard
with a lump of shit
smoking cigs

mother fucking catpause

the most fucked up shit we ever caused
was the formation of crochetcatpause
teaming with demons
keeps my eyes dreaming
nothing i do will ever be redeeming
Track Name: Lioncoolman II (Surf's Up)
lioncoolman lioncoolman
ride the waves
lioncoolman lioncoolman
you're the man
don't ever change
love summer camp
have a great summer
keep in touch
Track Name: It Can't Get Worse Than Whitmore
we wanna be the real deal
never eat real meal
never reaching ideals
never be the real deal
passion over talent
but the passion comes and goes
will we get our shit together
who fucking knows

all our actions - things we said
we all know we're never leaving our beds

wanting attention/doing nothing

can we be the real deal
eating what we steal steal
compromising ideals
fuck it we're the real deal
depression kills the passion
but depression comes and goes
will we get our shit together
back and forth it goes

all our actions - things we said
we all know we're never leaving our beds

jobs will never be for me
i'm the fucking rat king
taking everything for free
i'm the fucking rat king
Track Name: Kamikaze Victory Dynamic Changes
the day is here i must confess
the day the world becomes a fucking mess
polar ice caps rapidly melting down
blue jays harboring the ultimate sound
all my best friends are made out of snow
and our options as humans are running quite low
i think back to my younger days
laying on the front lawn i would graze

all the grass the world could offer
way back when the world was softer
earth had changed when god said please stop
kissing baby birds and being a sleaze

kamikaze victory dynamic changes

everything the world could offer
rewritten by the author
falling meteors rearrange
this fucking earth to bring a change

this is it this is the end
and i just quit this fucking band
baby birds chirp to me outside
i call to them in them i confide
Track Name: Babycatsss in the Sand
silently i clutch to dreams
serpents sipping listerine
seeding thoughts of burning down
these shitty chain stores in my town

LCM will doom us all
snakeman lords are standing tall
crushing souls with our firm grips
LCM - i submit

i cant get a grip
this has got out of hand
i can't let it slip
baby catsss in the sand
Track Name: These Ghosts Are Mega II (I Still Don't Like These God Damn Ghosts)
some things do not change
we were such good friends
now the ghosts are back again
these days feel so strange
the kiss you didn’t attend
now the snakes are gone again
the first kiss means the most
and i still don’t like these
goddamn ghosts

ghosts are screaming when i’m dreaming
what is real i’d rather not feel ashamed
but they’re fighting in my brain
making me feel devoid and drained

pull the plug this show is over
i still don’t like these goddamn ghosts
it should have ended long ago
i still don’t like these goddamn ghosts

all signs point to our dead end
you and me, we were once friends

lose the ghouls
it’s all a ruse
laser remove tiger tattoos
excuse me from these
social cues
i hate these goddamn ghosts

ghosts are screaming when i’m dreaming
i still don’t like these god damn ghosts
ghosts are clinging when i’m singing
i still don’t like these god damn ghosts
Track Name: It's Just Different Everytime
dumpster diving bagel surplus
traded for corroded rusted
coins to sustain ourselves
paint cans falling from van shelves
seven hour drive seven energy shots
getting pulled over by the cops
david lewis nude and sleeping
morgantown police creeping
naked girls on acid fleeing
all the while chris is bleeding
inverted cross carved in skin
everything's full circling

lansing kids are full of shit
wasted breath inhaling hits
bullshit us about a show
and on their porch they're doing blow
later skaters fuck this town
bravery boys freedom bound
smoking weed we find in trash
salvaged textbooks sold for cash

getting ratty in cincinatti
brain house crew serving nattys
getting silly in west philly
banned from churches with spinelli
way too hot and always sweaty
ready to die at mental spaghetti
surf the earth hot ham express
when it ends we're depressed

back on our knees sucking cocks
at some place punching clocks
a real job is not for me
this is it there's no plan b

every city knows we're right
we are the best band here tonight
always true when we recite
we will not get paid tonight
in the trash we praise and sing
to the fucking rat king
choosing to live avant garde
crochetcatpause no regard
Track Name: Herman's Alchemy
i remember in first grade
crafting sacred stoned for trade
the next step was sorcery
this is what brings joy to me
atlantians built your circuit boards
fuck your god - recognize puglord
beast in brussels fucking with your head
don’t answer the phone your son is dead

i will master dark magic
and no one will stop me
i’ll conquer atlantians
and no one will stop me

when i mastered alchemy
i uncovered ancient theories
sun is cold - atoms are spirits
green's not a color - don’t wanna hear it
men from the sky gave us our genes
we evolved to human beings
herman taught us ancient facts
no there is no going back

no one will stop me
Track Name: The Triumphs and to be Determined Failures of The Rat King
parking lots make me feel better
when we were dying in the summer
promised to write you a letter
but can’t face another bummer
bravery boys cause disasters
on the road we serve no masters
nothing but our own ambition
will lead to our extinction

self destruction takes its toll
unraveling in this black hole
constant battle with all my problems
leaving town's my only option
life's fallin’ apart for me
if this is how it has to be
i’ll pack my bags and leave this city
so sick of feeling empty

my best friends are all i need
unlock our dreams and set them free
this town has nothing left for me
all i loved is now debris
we fly our flags and set our sails
these tattered rags convey our tales
reflecting on emotions felt
and coping with the hands we’re dealt

broken hearts just won’t heal
i want to forget how to feel
i’ll fix myself with my men
pack the van then leave again
parking lots feel like my home
or is this van my final tomb
either way you won’t see me soon
i’ll be gone singing out of tune

bravery boys help heal the pain
things will never be the same
Track Name: Penelope
bloated and cultured from the grime of no hope
spiraling in a downward slope
gouged and gored we record
testaments of our puglord
we had dreams we had goals
hollowed hearts left at turnpike tolls
we tried hard with no success
dead on your floor regressed and undressed

plague this earth like a tumor
rotting corpse like my friend kuma
vagrant habits my undoing
mediocre fuck improving
making messes no one blesses
classless trashy men with glasses
eating scraps like human rats
when we’re done no one claps

hieroglyphics state our laws
hello hi we are crochetcatpause
we’ve allied with the condemned
penelope controls these men
pick a side it's us or them
will you die for LCM

precious lamb our catalyst
deliver us to father’s midst
close your eyes we whisper this
plunging into the abyss

master’s head to the saw
suffering in satan’s maw
mercy etched from puglord’s claw
graciously we raise her jaw
because coolteeth was full of flaws

scavenging like a vulture
disembowel your counter culture
paying homage to the rat king
ending up with fucking nothing

making messes no one blesses
classless trashy men with glasses
pick a side it's us or them
will you die for lcm
will you die for lcm
will you die for lcm
clevercatsss amen